Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Settings ‣ General Details

Business Details

  • In the User Details section, Vendor has to fill in their first name, last name, Email and the Mobile number and save.
  • In the Company profile section, fill in the Company/Business name, Address, City, State, Pin Code, select country, add mobile number, email Id and website. Then, upload the company logo and save.
  • In the Documents section, the Vendor can upload required documents to show the legitimacy of their store.

Change Password

  • In the ‘Change Password’ section, the Vendor can change the password for their user credentials.

Manage Delivery

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Settings ‣ Modules ‣ Manage Delivery

Add Delivery Location

  • The Vendor can click on the ‘Add Delivery Location’ option.
  • Enter the location name, pin code and then save the details.
  • The Delivery location will get listed in the list of locations, where the Vendor can deliver.
  • For bulk upload of delivery locations, the Vendor can click on ‘Import Data’, download CSV file, update the list/details and upload it.

Add Delivery Person

  • The Vendor can click on the ‘Add Delivery Person’ option.
  • Enter the Delivery person name, mobile number, Email and password.
  • Then, the Vendor has to activate the Delivery person.
  • Then, choose the locations, where the Delivery person can deliver.
  • Finally, click on ‘Add Person’.
  • The Delivery Person will get listed.
  • The Vendor can view the list of Delivery persons and they can also search for a particular Delivery person, by keying the name in the search bar.
  • The Vendor can also activate and de-activate any Delivery person from the list.

Manage Coupon

Vendor> Dashboard ‣ Settings ‣ Modules ‣ Manage Coupon

Add Coupon

  • The Vendor has to enter a code for the Coupon, give a description for the coupon code and activate it.
Add coupon
  • In the General section, the Vendor can select from the dropdown - Percentage discount or Amount discount. Then, choose to give a free shipping if they want to and select dates for specifying the validity period for the coupon code.
Add coupon
  • In the Set Usage section, the Vendor can specify the minimum purchase amount and maximum purchase amount for the coupon usage. If the Vendor wants to give this coupon offer only to a particular Customer, then they can specify the email Id. They can enter multiple email address and separate with a comma. If the email address is not specified, then the coupon will be valid for all the Customers.
Add coupon
  • In the Products section, the Vendor can select the list of products from the dropdown. The dropdown lists all the products that has been added by the Vendor. The Vendor can select any number of products. The Customer will be able to use coupon code on the products specified by the Vendor.
  • Then, the Vendor will give a usage limit to specify, up to how many customers can use the coupon code. They can also specify the number of times a coupon can be used by a particular Customer. Then, they can also specify if the coupon can be applied for all other items in the cart as well, or not. If yes, then, they can enter a number to specify, how many cart items.
Add coupon