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Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Products ‣ Product List

Product List

  • The Vendor can view the list of products listed by them, along with the details of product name, the category to which the product is mapped, image, price and the commission that gets deducted.
  • The Vendor can activate a product (only after the Admin has approved the product).
  • The Vendor can click on a product and edit the product details.
  • The Vendor can also delete a product, if they no longer want to list the product.
  • From the list of products, the Vendor can search for particular products, with a title or a category name.
Product list

Add Product

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Products ‣ Manage Products ‣ Add Products

When you click products page, the list of existing products will be shown. You then need to click on ‘Add Product’ to add a new product. After providing all the details, you need to click on ‘Save’, the product goes for approval from the Admin. After Admin approval, the product gets listed on the Storefront.
  • A form will open up, where you need to enter the details.
  • In general section, you can enter the product name or title, SKU prefix, product slug and product description.
  • Next, in the category section, you can map the product to categories (one or more).
  • Then, in product details section, provide the UPC, HSN, quantity available, enable stock status, specify the date of availability or the date on which the product should be active on the storefront, select the manufacturer of the product from the dropdown and then enable postal code verification, if you are shipping only to a particular location and not all locations (the Customer will have to verify the postal code and only if the delivery is available, they can check out the product and place an order).
  • Add images to the product, by clicking on ‘Add Images’, you can either select an image from the existing library (if already available) or click on upload and fetch it from your system.
  • If you want to add variants to the product, click on the variants from the available list on the right hand side. This will display the list of variant values on the right hand side. You may only show up to five variants values for a particular variant. You may select more than one variant from the left hand side and add up to five values for each of variant. Once the variants are added, the list of different SKUs will be ready and displayed in the following section on the same page. Each SKU will be a unique identity (based on the combinations of different product variants). For each SKU, you may add a unique photo, unique pricing, bar code and inventory and then activate each of them (you may deactivate any SKU any time).
  • Next, in the pricing section, you can set a default price, by mentioning the product cost, add tax (either value or percentage). It will then show the final default price of the product.
  • Then, any discount or special price can be added, by mentioning the priority, discounted or special price and the from and to dates on which the discount needs to be offered. Special pricing and discount pricing can be separate and exclusive for each SKU. The special pricing and discount pricing can be set for SKUs, only after the product is approved by the Admin and it is live on the storefront So, this feature is available only in ‘edit product’ and not ‘add product’.
  • Next, the SEO title, keywords and description can be added for making the product detail page search engine friendly.
Add Products Add Products Add Products Add Products

Newly Added

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Products ‣ Manage Products‣ Newly Added

  • On clicking on ‘Newly Added’, the Vendor will be able to view the list of ‘Newly added products’.
Manage Products newly added

Active Products

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Products ‣ Manage Products‣ Active Products

  • On clicking on ‘Active Products’ the Vendor will be able to view the list of ‘Active products’.
Payments Earning

In-Active Products

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Products ‣ Manage Products‣ In-Active Products

  • On clicking on ‘In-Active Products’ the Vendor will be able to view the list of ‘In-Active products’.
In Active Products

product question and answer

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Products

  • You will see the list of products that you have added.
  • Find the ‘?’ icon adjacent to a particular product.
  • You will be navigated to the page, where you can add a question and answer for that product.
  • Click on ‘Add Question’.
  • Then, add question and post answer and click on ‘Post’.
  • Once the question gets added, you may either enable or disable, using the toggle.

Answering Customer Posted Question:

  • You can click on the ‘?’ adjacent to the product.
  • You will find the question posted by the Customer.
  • You can click on the question and answer. You can then post it.
  • From the list page of the questions, you can either enable or disable the question.
question and answer question and answer