Vendor Orders

All Orders

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Orders ‣ All Order

  • Vendor can view the complete list of all orders. They can select an order to go to the detail page.
All order

Archive Orders

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Orders ‣ Archive Orders

  • Vendor can archive an order by clicking on the ‘archive’ option on the Order detail page. On doing so, the particular order gets listed in the ‘Archived Orders’.

Order Status History

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Orders ‣ Order Status History

  • In the Order detail page, by clicking on the ‘Order Status History, the Vendor will be able to see a timeline and a history for order status changes.

Shipping Information

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Orders ‣ Shipping Information

  • In the Order detail page, by clicking on the ‘Shipping Information’. the Vendor can update the Tracking Id and the Tracking URL, for providing tracking information to the Customers.

Allocate Delivery Person

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Orders ‣ Allocate Delivery Person

  • In the Order detail page, by clicking on ‘Allocate Delivery Person’. the Vendor can first search for a delivery person, based on a location.
  • Then, the Vendor can select a delivery person and allocate.

Payment Status

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Orders ‣ Payment Status

  • The Vendor can view the payment status for the order.
  • If the Admin has approved the payment for the order, then, the status will display as ‘Paid’. If yet to get approved, it displays as ‘Not paid’.

Manage Cancel Order Requests

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Orders ‣ Cancel requests

  • The Vendor can see a list of Cancel requests, along with Order Item Number, the buyer details, the reason for requesting cancellation and remarks.
  • The Vendor can either approve or reject the request.
  • The Admin can also bulk update the cancel requests, by exporting all the cancel requests in an excel or CSV, update it and upload it back.

Manage Quotation Requests

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Orders ‣ Quotation requests

  • The Vendor can see the list of quotation requests, along with product name, quantity and its unit, his/her budget for purchasing, message to the seller and the date and time for creation. On clicking on the product name, a pop-up will appear with Customer information, for offline follow up.

Order Invoice List

Vendor ‣ Dashboard ‣ Orders ‣ Order Invoice List

  • The Vendor can view the list of invoices of their orders.
  • The list displays along with Invoice number, Order number, Customer, Number of Products and Amount, along with option to download.
  • On clicking on download, they can download the invoice.