Version 3.0

Added Social media login is implemented in store.

Added Payment via Paypal while doing checkout in store.

Added Implemented SpurtConnect for social login and third party Payment Gateway in admin

Added PWA in store.

Added Product Compare in store.

Added Guest user checkout is implemented in store.

Added Multi currency is implemented in admin.

Fixed Email is not sent for the Newly User/Customer.

Fixed Store-Price Range is not retrieving the data as choosen and not User friendly.

Fixed Wish list count is not showing for Today Deals and Featured Product.

Fixed Localization-Able to add a language without image,If we add image its showing image is required.

Fixed In Store- After download receipt to view receipt dollar or Rupee icon is missing.

Fixed Store - Search in the store not retrieving the exact data.

Fixed Inactive Brand is displayed in add product.

Fixed In admin Rating and Review Image is not displaying.

Fixed Localization-Country -Inactive status is not responding.

Fixed Admin -Breadcrumbs are static across the pages in Admin.

Fixed Same Product is ordered more than a time , recent selling product is not showing the image.

Fixed Rating and Review -Reset button not working properly.

Fixed In store home page manufacturers click not working.

Fixed Categories Reset filters is not working.

Fixed Store- Price is not calculated correctly for a Product having Multiple Option Enabled.

Fixed Admin-Sales -Order -Guest Account information is not displayed while Viewing the Order.

Fixed Updated Address is not listed in the Address list.

Fixed Delete option is not available for Role and User in admin.

Fixed Delete option is not available for Order.

Fixed Store - Not able to unfavourite the wishlist icon.

Fixed Store-Condition- On clicking the New and Used is not retrieving data.

Fixed Store- Rating as to be recalculated when rating is made inactive in admin.

Fixed In admin, loggedin user should not delete their own account.

Fixed Add country is not adding an Item.

Fixed Admin not receiving mail while placing order and contactUs.

Fixed Only Active Product and Active Customer should be displayed in dashboard count.

Previous Releases

Version 2.2

Added Enable or disable the status in country master in admin.

Added Order status can be searched from the order list in admin.

Added Admin profile image is shown in the header in admin.

Added Country flag with language can be seen in the Language dropdown in store.

Added New home page design has been implemented in store.

Added Based on user selection, category field has been highlighted in store.

Fixed Storage of images has been implemented both in local environment and S3 in admin

Fixed Change password screen has been integrated inside the application in admin.

Version 2.1

Added Getting Content dynamically from Email template table for sending Emails.

Added Adding related products while adding product in admin side.

Added Adding color code, while adding order status.

Added Adding order status name and color code, while showing order List in admin.

Added Adding Customer detail page.

Added Adding Search folder, and Deleting Image in s3 and local (Image manager).

Added Option to add Multi-Language.

Added Adding default image while adding product in admin, which will reflect in store product list and admin product list.

Added Adding Meta Tag, Meta Title, Meta Tag Description in admin, which will reflect in store products’ pages, other pages and home page.

Added Adding Multi Category.

Added Adding default data (seeds), while migrating database.

Fixed Fixed error that was occurring while re-sizing image.

Fixed Fixed DB error.

Fixed Earlier, while creating new customer in admin, email was not getting sent and this has been fixed.

Fixed Earlier, search product was not working in store and this has been fixed.