Vendor Sales

Admin Panel ‣ MarketPlace ‣ Sales

  • On the left hand side, under Sales > Orders, you will view the list of orders, which are the sale of products.
  • Click on a particular order from the list, for which you want to see the details.
  • It will take you to the Order details page, where you will see the following information:
  • Order Number, for example - SPU-20200316374.
  • The date and time of the order.
  • Name, address, email ID and the Mobile number of the Customer, who placed the order.
  • You can also download the invoice in PDF format, for the order.
  • You can click on the ‘Update Payment’ option- this will deduct the commission and update the net amount that the Vendor gets paid.
Sales Order


  • The Admin can view the list of Orders here.
  • They can click on a particular order to view the details.
  • They can view the details of all the product purchases under a particular order. The products might be of multiple Vendors.
  • Then, under the tab ‘Invoice’, to view the invoice, they can select a Vendor from the dropdown. For a particular order sub-orders gets created if the order has products from multiple vendors.
  • By selecting a particular Vendor from the dropdown, they can view the invoice for the sub-order and for only the products from that particular Vendor.