Vendor Product

Admin Panel ‣ MarketPlace ‣ Vendors ‣ Products

Add Product

  • Click on the ‘Add Product’.
  • In the ‘General’ Section
  • Enter ‘Product Name’ or a title for the ‘Product’.
  • Enter ‘SKU’ or the Stock Keeping Unit Number.
  • Enter the ‘Product Slug’.
  • Select the Vendor to map the product to that Vendor.
  • Enter a Product Description
  • In the ‘More Information’ section
  • Assign a Category to the Product.
  • Enter the data - Universal Product Code, Quantity, select stock status, date of availability, if the product requires shipping or not.
  • Finally, Select ‘Save’.
Sales Order

Approve Vendor Product

  • Click on the ‘Products’ Icon on the left had side of the Vendor List Page.
  • You will see the list of products added by different Vendors.
  • Choose the new product that was recently added by a Vendor.
  • Click on the ‘Ellipsis’ (vertical - three dots) under the ‘Menu’ Column.
  • Select ‘Approve’ to approve the ‘Product’.
  • Select ‘Edit’ to edit the product details or ‘Delete’ to delete the product.
  • After approving, enable the status of the product to activate the product.
Approve Product