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When you click products page it will show the list of all existing products will be displayed. We can add a new product by clicking Add Product.

Add New Product

When you click products page, the list of existing products will be shown. You then need to click on ‘Add Product’ to add a new product. After providing all the details, you need to click on ‘Save’ so that the product gets listed on the Storefront.
  • A form will open up, where you need to enter the details.
  • In general section, you can enter the product name or title, SKU prefix, product slug and product description.
  • Next, in the more information section, you can map the product to categories (one or more).
  • Then, in the data section, provide the UPC, HSN, quantity available, enable stock status, specify the date of availability or the date on which the product should be active on the storefront, enable the status, sort the order for the product to appear in the product list, select the manufacturer of the product from the dropdown and then enable postal code verification, if you are shipping only to a particular location and not all locations (the Customer will have to verify the postal code and only if the delivery is available, they can check out the product and place an order).
  • Add images to the product, by clicking on ‘Add Images’, you can either select an image from the existing library (if already available) or click on upload and fetch it from your system.
  • If you want to show any related product from the dropdown, you may select the list of products from the list and add them as related product.
  • If you want to add variants to the product, click on the variants from the available list on the right hand side. This will display the list of variant values on the right hand side. You may only show up to five variants values for a particular variant. You may select more than one variant from the left hand side and add up to five values for each of variant. Once the variants are added, the list of different SKUs will be ready and displayed in the following section on the same page. Each SKU will be a unique identity (based on the combinations of different product variants). For each SKU, you may add a unique photo, unique pricing, bar code and inventory and then activate each of them (you may deactivate any SKU any time).
  • Next, in the pricing section, you can set a default price, by mentioning the product cost, add tax (either value or percentage). It will then show the final default price of the product.
  • Then, any discount or special price can be added, by mentioning the priority, discounted or special price and the from and to dates on which the discount needs to be offered. Special pricing and discount pricing can be separate and exclusive for each SKU. The special pricing and discount pricing can be set for SKUs, only after the product has already been listed on the store. So, this feature is available only in ‘edit product’ and not ‘add product’.
  • Next, the SEO title, keywords and description can be added for making the product detail page search engine friendly.
  • Then, the tier pricing can be added for offering discounts and price reduction on bulk quantity purchases. The tier pricing has to be set for each SKU separately. You can select an SKU, mention the quantity and above and what will be the price per item then. You can add multiple tiers for different quantity purchase. This tier pricing has to be activated. The tier pricing can be set for SKUs, only after the product has already been listed on the store. So, this feature is available only in ‘edit product’ and not ‘add product’.
Add Product Add Product varient Add sku tire Add sku tire

List Product

  • All the newly added products will be listed in this page.
  • The page has the features to make the product Active or Inactive.
  • You can hide the product or make the product visible by the changing the status.
List Product

Update Product

  • Locate the product that needs to be edited and then click the ‘edit’ icon.
  • It will redirect to the edit page in edit mode.
  • There you can edit your product details and it will be updated
Edit Product

Delete Product

  • Locate the product that needs to be deleted and then click on the product page.
  • Click the delete button and remove your product from the list.
delete Product

Tax Management

  • In the ‘More Information’ Section, select the tab ‘Price’.
  • In the default price, under tax, either select value or percentage.
  • Select percentage, if you want to mention the percentage of tax.
  • Select value, if you want to specify an amount for tax deduction.
  • Enter the Value.
tax Management

Bulk Export Option

  • You will see the list of products.
  • Either select all products, or select specific products.
  • Click on ‘Export’ option.
  • You will get the list of selected products, along with all the details, in the excel sheet.
bulk export

Product question and Answer

  • You will see the list of products.
  • Look for a particular product for which you want to add a question and an answer.
QandA Product
  • Under ‘Action’, click on the ‘Question’ icon.
  • The Admin can view the list of questions posted by the Customers. The Admin can click on a question and enable it to make it live on the products detail page.
  • By clicking on a particular question, the Admin can also view the answers posted by other Customers, who already purchased the product. The Admin has to enable the answers to make it live on the products detail page.
QandA add question
  • To add a question, the Admin has to click on ‘Add Question’
  • The Admin can post a question, post answer for it and click on ‘Post’.

Add Tier Price for a Product

Adminpanel ‣ Catalog ‣ Products ‣ Add Product ‣ Manage Tire Price

  • Go to the second section, i.e., More Information.
  • Click on Tier Price
  • Click on ‘+’ Option
  • Mention the quantity and above and then the ‘Price per Item’ for it. For example, for quantity 500 and above, the price per product can be $10, for quantity 800 and above, the price per product can be $8, and so on.
  • Either click on ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for - Do you want to activate this Tier Price?