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When you click products page it will show the list of all existing products will be displayed. We can add a new product by clicking Add Product.

Add New Product

  • Click the ‘Add new product’ option and it will direct you to the add product page.
  • In the edit page, you can enter the details of the new product.
  • There, you can enter the details of the new product and save.
  • You can choose an option, which you want to add to the Product options and give the appropriate values for your option.
  • Click on Discount and add the required values for the ‘Product on discount’.
  • Like discounts and you can add the special price for your product.
  • You can also view the ratings and reviews for the given product in the store.
Add Product

List Product

  • All the newly added products will be listed in this page.
  • The page has the features to make the product Active or Inactive.
  • You can hide the product or make the product visible by the changing the status.
List Product

Update Product

  • Locate the product that needs to be edited and then click the ‘edit’ icon.
  • It will redirect to the edit page in edit mode.
  • There you can edit your product details and it will be updated
Edit Product

Delete Product

  • Locate the product that needs to be deleted and then click on the product page.
  • Click the delete button and remove your product from the list.
delete Product