Version 2.2

Added > Enable or disable the status in country master in admin.

Added > Order status can be searched from the order list in admin.

Added > Admin profile image is shown in the header in admin.

Added > Country flag with language can be seen in the Language dropdown in store.

Added > New home page design has been implemented in store.

Added > Based on user selection, category field has been highlighted in store.

Fixed > Storage of images has been implemented both in local environment and S3 in admin

Fixed > Change password screen has been integrated inside the application in admin.

Previous Releases

Version 2.1

Added > Getting Content dynamically from Email template table for sending Emails.

Added > Adding related products while adding product in admin side.

Added > Adding color code, while adding order status.

Added > Adding order status name and color code, while showing order List in admin.

Added > Adding Customer detail page.

Added > Adding Search folder, and Deleting Image in s3 and local (Image manager).

Added > Option to add Multi-Language.

Added > Adding default image while adding product in admin, which will reflect in store product list and admin product list.

Added > Adding Meta Tag, Meta Title, Meta Tag Description in admin, which will reflect in store products’ pages, other pages and home page.

Added > Adding Multi Category.

Added > Adding default data (seeds), while migrating database.

Fixed > Fixed error that was occurring while re-sizing image.

Fixed > Fixed DB error.

Fixed > Earlier, while creating new customer in admin, email was not getting sent and this has been fixed.

Fixed > Earlier, search product was not working in store and this has been fixed.